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INGELVA Antimpatto® De Bernardi's Lightning Protector plants in compliance with I.S.F. norms and the Law in force
Antimpatto® De Bernardi L.R.S. System INGELVA - Significant realized plants
marchio INGELVA

For over fifty years more than 50.000 De Bernardi Antimpatto ® plants complying with I.S.F. norms  85/1, have been installed all over the world, many of them commissioned by important public and private institutions, that have always assured safety, absolute protection, 100%, in zones of high keraunic and electromagnetic pollution (electrosmog) dangerousness and chiefly where they have replaced conventional plants - lightning attractors- which had systematically and repeatedly failed (historical - statistical proof).
Among the most significant Antimpatto® protection plants over the Italian territory we would like to mention: Central Department of CIVIL PROTECTION  - MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR, Rome; logistic sites of the MINISTRY OF DEFENCE, helicopter centers, CARABINIERI CORPS barracks, public buildings (ex.: VILLA BORGHESE MUSEUM, Rome), universities, schools, hospitals, basilicas  and convents (ex.: BASILICA OF ST. FRANCESCO and HOLY CONVENT in Assisi, HERMITAGE OF ST. CATERINA OF SASSO BALLARO in Leggiuno, VA) , monuments (ex.: FLAMINIO OBELISK OF PIAZZA DEL POPOLO, TOMB OF CECILIA METELLA AND CASTRUM CAETANI, Rome - MINISTRY FOR ENVIRONMENTAL AND CULTURAL PROPERTIES), skyscrapers (ex.: "IL GRATTACIELO DI MILANO", Repubblica Square, MI), scientific research centers (ex.:  CENTER FOR SCIENTIFIC CULTURE "ETTORE MAJORANA" in Erice, TP), historic residences (ex.: VANVITELLI Royal Palace in Caserta, "CASTELBELLO" Castle, Ciardes, BZ, the summer residence of the PRESIDENT OF THE ITALIAN REPUBLIC).

(*)Update June 1995