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Review of ANTIMPATTO® equipments to I.S.F. principle norms and technical ING.EL.VA. standards
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ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION is a complex problem, manifests itself in multiple overlapped phenomena (contemporary events) and synergic ones well codified.*

*The researcher, fulminologist Mario De Bernardi, is the person who first (1947) discovered and studied electromagnetic pollution (causes and effects), conceived and realized the means and methods capable of preventive protection in environment electromagnetically disturbed, especially by thunderstorm effects, maintaining unchanged the electrical and magnetic balance of the protected volume.

THE CAUSES of this pollution, that does not have less serious consequences on the man**, of the "thermodynamic" pollution that constitutes the macroscopic aspect of the atmospheric pollution, are of an subjective and objective nature.

**(stress of the immunity system with consequent lowering, also important, of the immunity barriers, symptomatic noises of the nervous system, cellular degenerations turn in serious cases into anemia, leukemia, tumors, or in irreversible cases in organic autocombustion, human in the specific case).

The subjective causes are mainly ascribed to human negligence and carelessness, by not harmonizing electromagnetically with nature and not using preventive protection.

The objective causes are to be ascribed primarily to handling and transport of electric energy, signal transmissions, short circuits, etc and above all to fulminological phenomena (including lightnings caused by nuclear explosions, mainly from hydrogen bombs) enhanced and amplified by the environmental sophistication brought about by the industrial man and that sum up in the following pollution categories:
- dusts, particles, gas, ions;
- excessive concentrations of emitters of electric vibrations and transmitters of electromagnetic waves at frequencies HF, VHF, UHF, SHF, EHF and respective harmonics, in a specific topographic area with limited physical space;
terrestrial:   a) surface
                      b) underground
a) surface:
   - dusts, particles, gas, ions;
   - civil, industrial, military      architectonical, structures      that for typology, material      used, overstructures, internal      electric and electronic      circuits, that for their location      and nature are potential      enhancers of lightning      formation, of globular      lightnings and     electro-      magnetic superenergies      accumulated in peculiar points      (M.D.B. discoveries).
   - Suspended lines of energetic      transport (electric energy),      telephone/data lines,      pylons, TV and TA receiving      and transmitting antennas.
b) underground:
   - foundations and iron pilings      (metals in general) and/or      reinforced concrete in civil,      industrial, military      constructions;
   - grounding installations;
   - ducts, iron piping (metals      in general) and/or in      reinforced concrete;
   - electric and telephone/data      lines.

THE EFFECTS of the electromagnetic pollution are the phenomena of radio interference, of globular lightning, of electromagnetic super energies accumulated in peculiar points, of electromagnetic induction of such intensity and persistence to:
   - in the first case, as      consequence of electric      and/or mechanical shock      caused by a resonance      phenomenon, destroy the      single components of an      electronic circuit:      microprocessor (chips),      transistors, diodes,      resistors, condensers,      etc.
   - in the second and third case      in addition to destroying,      due to sublimation (the direct      passage of matter from a      solid state to a gaseous      state), the electronic      components above      mentioned, perforate due      to fusion or sublimation      insulating materials      (dielectrics in general) and      sheeting and metal      containers of remarkable      thickness as those of      tanks, silos, cisterns,      ducts, tublings, etc.
    - in the fourth case,      production of overvoltages      which in turn become      surpassing arcs (they may      reach 25 meters of length      if caused by electroinductions      of lightning nature) which      generally originate from the      meter invading the inside of      the apartment, or room, or      cabin with inevitable fires      and/or explosions; or in      distruction of electric and      electronic devices connected      to the line, or in distruction of      segments, and in certain      documented cases, of entire      electric and/or telephone      lines caused by steep front      voltage and current peaks      induced by lightning      phenomena enhanced and      amplified by environmental      sophistication; produce      difference of potentialities      between metallic masses,      even if equipotential at low      frequencies (industrial      frequencies), causing direct      and inverse electric      discharges.
NOTE: it is important to stress that the serious damages and interruptions caused by the above mentioned phenomena can disproportionately be increased, as documented, if they are cause of fire and explosions, especially in presence of flammable and/or exploding material.

THE PREVENTION of these electromagnetic phenomena (indicated by recent international designations: NP, EMP, NEMP, SEMP, LEMP), systematically damaging and cause of interruptions, has been realized in radically innovative way since 1947, by the advanced means and methods DE BERNARDI ANTIMPATTO® LRS SYSTEM of exclusive production INGELVA PARAFULMINI by marchio INGELVA quality mark; the result in this area, over sixty years experience, are the SCAR HF ANTISURPASSING BLOCK-FILTERS.

THE SCAR HF ANTISURPASSING BLOCK-FILTER for intermediate area is chiefly a protection device against overvoltages and overcurrents of the electric network (electric system) of fulminologic nature and not, caused by, radio interferences and electromagnetic inductions and preventively protects, complementary and synergically to the ANTIMPATTO® lightning preventor plant, from globular lightnings forming and electromagnetic super energies accumulated in peculiar points. Unique in its kind in the field of safety, is fire fighting and antideflagrant.

THE INGELVA SCAR HF ANTISURPASSING BLOCK-FILTER abates the radiations originating from the electric network, telephone/data line and the coaxial cable, absorbing and dissipating the relative energetic cumulus.
The conventional line discharger, as it is know, cuts the tail of the steep front voltage pulse leaving behind a dangerous head that may severely damage, as documented, machinery and electrical appliances.

THE INGELVA SCAR HF ANTISURPASSING BLOCK-FILTER instead cuts the head of the steep front voltage pulse (or the high frequency half wave) leaving behind, when it occurs, an harmless tail.
THE INGELVA SCAR HF ANTISURPASSING BLOCK-FILTER is available in several versions: in single units or in combinations: BOXSCAR, MINITELEBOX and QTPS.

NOTE: in case of lightning problems following direct hits and/or for law compliance, it will be necessary to integrate the INGELVA SCAR HF antisurpassing block-filters with an adequate De Bernardi Antimpatto® INGELVA PARAFULMINI INGELVA mark plant.
strictly and carefully observe l.S.F. (ISTITUTO SUPERIORE DI FULMINOLOGIA) norms and to destination and usage modalities carried on engineering technical prescriptions of the Ingegneria Elettronica Elettrotecnica di Varese, ING.EL.VA. INGELVA mark